Monday, 26 February 2018

In the beginning was the human condition: the Buddha’s new way to work with it by Winton Higgins

As mentioned previously we are alternating talks from a series on Secular Buddhism by Winton Higgins with the series of talks "Homedweller Practice" by John Daido Loori.

The series is called "Making the most of the human condition", and the first talk is.........

"In the beginning was the human condition: the Buddha’s new way to work with it."

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Sunday, 25 February 2018

Homedweller Practice by John Daido Loori - Introduction

As you know most of the talks featured here are ones that I have taken along to the Newport Soto Zen group which I attend on Thursday evenings. Dave who runs and hosts the group has a large collection of talks by John Daido Loori the Zen Master who was the founder and abbot of Zen Mountain Monastery in Mount Tremper, New York.

We are featuring a collection of talks by Daido Loori entitled "Homedweller Practice". The series splits into four groups of talks and we will be providing a talk from another series, this time by Winton Higgins on the subject of secular Buddhism, as an interlude between the groups.

The first group of talks are a two-part introduction.

Part One

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Part Two

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Friday, 2 February 2018

Mahakaccana; Clarifying The Most Cryptic Teachings by Shaila Catherine

Shaila Catherine concludes the lecture series on the Great Disciples, with a talk about the Venerable Mahakaccana. He was a monk famous for explaining difficult and perplexing teachings.

He addressed profound topics including the construction of I-making and mine-making, craving, conceit, views, mindfulness of sense perceptions, obsession with thoughts of past and future, and overcoming desire and lust. His methods of exposition became the basis of early commentary, and Mahakaccana became known as the first Buddhist commentator.

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